Corporate Social Responsibility

Community Interaction

1. Community Care

FDG Group actively cares about the society and fulfills its corporate social responsibilities. Ever since the establishment, we have been maintaining close communications and interactions with local communities in order to contribute to local development. The Group serves people’s livelihood with technology. We create job opportunities and promote economic growth in the local communities through our technical capability and capital strength. Moreover, we maintain friendly relationship with local communities during business expansion. Before the commencement of our production base project in Kunming, we conducted a survey and interviews with individuals and organizations that might be affected to collect public opinions on the project. The results reflected the importance of the project to the economic development of the region and that the environment of the neighborhood would not be affected. Thus, execution of the project received the general support of the communities and the residents.

2. Contribution to Local Communities : Supporting G20 Summit

The pure electric vehicles developed and produced by FDG Group are well-known for their premium quality.We have successfully built up a good brand image in the international market and actively expand the domestic and international market. They provide people with green outing solutions and are making effective contribution to environmental protection. In particular, each production plant of the Group has adopted environmental friendly design, going all "green" with no sky pollution and zero emission, thus making great contributions in creating a good ecological environment and developing green life for local communities. In addition, as a local vehicle manufacturer in Hangzhou, during G20 Summit held in Hangzhou in September 2016, FDG Group assisted the local government in realizing green outings for delegates. Changjiang Vehicle under FDG Group provided exclusive services in receiving the delegates and transportation in the core area of the summit through a total of 210 units of its pure electric mid-size bus "eBOSS" and pure electric commercial cars ("eGLORY") for the summit which was a strong support for green transportation. As the data showed, in serving the summit, the fleet of eBOSS and eGLORY covered a total mileage of over 100,000 kilometers, with the longest mileage covered by a single vehicle at 1,752 kilometers. Even under such highly demanding operational environment, the vehicles performed steadily and received commendations from the organizing committee and guests from other countries with outstanding features of "Full Participation, Zero Failure, High Comfort", hence setting up a new benchmark for electric vehicles in China. With the superb performance, our vehicles received double honour of "G20 Hangzhou Summit Special Sponsor" and "G20 Hangzhou Summit Reception Product" from the G20 Organising Committee.