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Employee Development

FDG Group actively builds up a sound occupational environment and latitude to connect employees’ career advancement with our business growth so as to attract and retain talents. Sound management measures have been introduced to develop our employees. Job rotation is set up in our production base in Hangzhou to help employees expand their horizons and explore their potential. We have also implemented comprehensive human resources development plan to achieve four objectives of specialisation, practicality, marketization, and internationalization.

In daily operations, FDG Group provides induction training for new employees. Our production bases in Kunming and Tianjin have arranged experienced employees as mentors to guide the new comers on jobs such that communication and team spirit is enhanced, their technical skills and managerial capability are improved, and learning and further development of the employees at all levels is encouraged. Furthermore, professional training and hardware support are provided to employees in our vehicle design center in Beijing and the production base in Hangzhou to help them to continuously upgrade professional knowledge and skills as well as develop their potentials.