Corporate Social Responsibility-澳门太阳城

Production Technology Innovation

As a new manufacturing industry, the design of the production plant, production line and products of FDG Group’s all production bases such as Hangzhou are based on newly innovated technologies with energy consumption reduced to the lowest level. Advanced industrial 4.0 equipment standard and production standard have been adopted in the production process and the "green" production and sustainable development strategy is carried out through scientific design, meticulous production and refined management.

Sustainable Development

The production of the electric vehicles, lithium batteries products by FDG Group follows strictly the development design and production under environmental protection concepts. In achieving environmental protection in materials selection, reasonable design and "green" production, great emphasis is put on the reduction of resources wastage and ecological protection.

1. "Zero" Emission Throughout

FDG Group adopts the concepts of environmental protection and energy saving into all production processes. The production plants make great use of natural light and natural ventilation and use exhaust gas treatment and waste water re-utilisation systems. This helps to create an energy-saving society through the actual production process and achieve "zero" emission throughout.

2. Waste Disposal

We have a comprehensive non-hazardous treatment and re-utilisation system to recycle and re-use the waste steel, waste paint, waste water, exhaust gas even the waste packing materials arisen from the production process in all our factories. Waste steel and waste packaging materials are recycled and reused by materials companies, while waste solder is recycled by the supplier. Domestic wastes would be collected and sorted, recyclable parts such as paper are recycled while the rest are disposed in landfills by relevant environmental hygiene department. Hazardous wastes are sorted and stored in different garbage bags and are recycled by designated professional recyclers.

3. Products Environmental Protection Effectiveness

The lithium-ion batteries developed and produced by FDG Group are of high capacity and pollution-free, thus playing a vital role in promoting the growth of new energy. The production processes are strictly in compliance with international environmental protection standards and adopt modern production technologies. Our products are internationally known as the "green batteries". Given the Group chooses to use quality lithium-ferrous-phosphate cathode materials and environmental-friendly water-based adhesive as raw materials, the Group’s lithium-ion battery products have the advantages of superior performance, larger capacity, longer lifecycle, higher stability and lower costs. They do not release harmful materials and are therefore not a burden to the environment. All electric vehicles are developed and produced with mature scientific technologies independently by the professional teams of the Group with its Independent Forward-Engineering. All models are equipped with our own lithium-ion batteries, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and avoid exhaust emission, therefore improving the air quality on the road. We keep enhancing the environment protection effectiveness of our products to make contribution to the environment. The products of the Group have been recognized by the central government and listed in third batch of Directory of Recommended New Energy Vehicles for Promotion and Application by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Our business and electric vehicle products are all developed on the premises of environmental protection and energy conservation, aiming at achieving "zero emission". The environmental protection effectiveness of our products are widely recognized by the industry. In July 2015, at the invitation from Pilot Green Transport Fund under the Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong, FDG Group participated in the experience sharing conference of testing electric light van. We presented the pure electric mid-size bus, eBOSS, which is independently, developed and produced by FDG Group, and demonstrated the features of our products as environmental-friendly, safe, and comfortable. It proves that the Group has reached international leading level in the research and development of pure electric commercial vehicles.